What we do
If you have something to sell we develop strategies to sell it efficiently. The marketing landscape is changing fast with more tactical options than ever before. How should a company employ its marketing budget? We can advise you about the tactics that work best now.
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We are a branding agency in Toronto that grows businesses

If you have something to sell we develop strategies to sell it – as efficiently as possible.


Our approach depends on the objectives. Generally we start by defining a brand strategy. Where required we develop a “brand focus.” Then we conceive and design brand communications, including packaging and online communications.

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We develop brand strategies. See our approach and examples of brands where we have played a strategic role.

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We have a strength in building brands where the market or product itself is complex and challenging.

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Once we have defined a “brand focus” we figure out the best ways to communicate: in-store, online, at trade shows and in new ways…

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We develop brands including their name, their positioning & personality and, where required, their entire look.

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Beakbane has designed packaging for many products that have become extremely successful.

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Need a website? Want to figure out how to be found and find new customers… we’ll make it easy for you!