Announcement by Tom Beakbane
Beakbane is a Toronto branding agency. We specializing in brand strategy, communications, and graphic design in print, web, and package design.
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Announcement by Tom Beakbane

Thank you to everyone who played a part in our 36 years of productivity and personal growth

In 2021 I decided it was time for me to retire from the company I started in 1986 when I was 29 years old. Over the last few years I have become interested in things other than marketing and design. More specifically I want to document some of the truths I have learned about human nature that I believe can benefit future generations.

In 2021 I published a book called How to Understand Everything. Consilience: A New Way to See the World. I had long been puzzled by the gap between textbook accounts of human nature and the minute-to-minute richness of my own experiences. Writing the book was cathartic and a form of self therapy that wove together my knowledge of business communications with my awe of scientific discovery. The ideas described in the book helped me make sense of the discontinuities that are characteristic of human interactions. I now wish to write a book that explains the core ideas more succinctly.

Writing books about epistemology and neurophysiology is not compatible with running a marketing agency and I realized my team needed more focused leadership. I found an agency that was compatible with them and our clients. As of the start of this year they are part of Slingshot led by Ava Abbott. If you require results-oriented, marketing and design services please contact them.

I am honoured to have worked with so many dedicated, hard-working, skilled and kind people over the last 36 years. We were early pioneers in the field of computer graphics and digital communications which enabled us to work with some of the most successful brand-oriented companies in the world. I am proud of what we achieved and thankful to everyone who contributed.