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Beakbane Brand Strategies & Communications shares some valuable resources: How to prepare the perfect marketing project brief - How good is your name? - Integrated Marketing Communications - Integrated Brands showcase
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Brand strategies & communications resources

Here are some resources that will help you become more innovative and get better results from marketing initiatives.

Beakbane - How to prepare the perfect marketing project brief

How to prepare the perfect marketing project brief

To get value from agencies they need to be briefed properly. Here is a ten page guide on how to brief an agency on an integrated communications project.

It is an updated version of a document that Beakbane published in 2003 that has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Click here for the PDF

Beakbane: How good is your brand name?

How good is your name?

The name picked for a company, product or service will to a large extent predetermine its success. Some names sound great but will fail. Others to begin with might sound odd but are fundamentally sound.

This paper explains how to evaluate a name. If yours is unsound, jettison it quickly.

Click here for the PDF.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

What is integrated branding and how to achieve it

What is integrated marketing? Why is integrated marketing important? What is integrated marketing communications? How has integrated marketing changed over time? This document has an up to date definition of integrated branding and explains what it is and the benefits.

Click here for the PDF

Integrated Brands showcase site

At Beakbane we developed the site We created it because we couldn’t find anywhere on the internet that showed how all the different aspects of a brand’s communications tie together – particularly innovative digital communications.

If you wish to add a brand and its communications to the site along with a commentary on the strategy, you are welcome. See how to upload material here.