Our Team
Beakbane is a Toronto branding agency. We specializing in brand strategy, communications, and graphic design in print, web, and package design.
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Beakbane is a tightly knit, highly productive team connected to a network of strategists, designers, writers, programmers, and other specialists.


Tom Beakbane

Likes: Skiing up mountains, figuring out consilience, making granola, quirky podcasts
Dislikes: Rom-coms, noisy restaurants, link-bait, red-eye flights

Creative Director

Dale Moser

Likes: Right-brain thinking
Dislikes: Mosquitoes, Pantone 464

Finance and Office Manager

Melody Gal

Likes: Football, half marathons, camping, musical theatre
Dislikes: Chicken wings, daylight savings, holes in socks

Account Director

Lou Arenas

Likes: Kids stick-man drawings, transformers, hummus
Dislikes: Cauliflower, cleaning the litter box, mullets

Sr. Graphic Designer

Tina Orfus

Likes: Tall men, Birkenstocks, Springsteen
Dislikes: Puzzles with pieces missing, slow elevators

Online Engagement Manager

Ivana Paulova

Likes: Playing sports, watching sports, talking about sports, cilantro
Dislikes: Parsley (can't believe it's in the same family as cilantro), long toe nails, crowds