Complex Challenges
Beakbane is a Toronto branding agency. We specializing in brand strategy, communications, and graphic design in print, web, and package design.
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Beakbane Builds Brands in Challenging Markets

Complex challenges

We relish helping our clients navigate tough challenges. Perhaps a new technology, a difficult-to-reach buyer, a company with gnarly politics?

If you have a product that is technologically complex, or if your target is in some way unusual, or if you operate in a market with severe regulatory limitations and for any combination of these challenges, we would be pleased to help.


We have a track record of being presented with challenges that appear daunting. For instance, the product might be highly technical and purchased by physicians or engineers. The client is worried they will need to provide the writing but instead we digest all the documentation and end up presenting the product in ways that are fresh and easier to understand.


We have many examples including software, cloud services, drugs, medical devices & procedures, cannabis fertilizers, intravenous compounding, fall restraint, plasma surface treatments and many others – see brief summaries of some of our brand development and integrated communications here.


Here are a few examples of brands where we have solved complex challenges:

York Downs Chemists – 2017 brand relaunch

Icon - FullMast Men's Health Clinics


Fugawi - Beakbane Brand Strategies & Communications

Fugawi – 2014 brand relaunch

Ice River Springs - Beakbane Brand Strategies and Communications

Ice River Springs corporate branding & communications

Sheridan College - Beakbane Brand Strategies and Communications

Sheridan College

Canadian Sporting Goods Association – Website Relaunch 2018

Duty Free Canada

Duty Free Canada

Icon - Sisley Honda

Sisley Honda

Duracell - Beakbane Brand Strategies & Communications


Villaggio - Beakbane Brand Strategies & Communications


Icon - Plasmatreat


Icon - Mul-T-Lock


Icon - Calcia


Beakbane - Icon - Centrum


Icon - Fugawi - Previous Work

Fugawi – historic work