Capturing Olympian Financial’s brand essence
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Capturing Olympian Financial’s brand essence

Olympian Financial Inc. was founded by Danny Mitonides and Alexander Mitonidis and over the last 20 years has grown into a full fledged financial services company with a high caliber team of professional, like-minded and client-centered financial advisors.

Up until now the company had invested all their efforts in helping their independent financial advisors grow their client’s wealth, with minimal marketing efforts. The company decided that it was time to more clearly communicate who they were and what they stood for.

The new site we created positions Olympian Financial as a winning independent wealth management and investment firm with a team of successful well-established financial advisors.

A new brand identity and website for a growing company.

We worked with Olympian and developed a business strategy and new brand focus, re-launching the company with a new corporate identity and an impactful new website. Our goal was to present a brand image that was memorable, stood out in the crowded financial services market and engendered trust in an industry that is increasingly mistrusted.

Capturing trust and transparency straight from the source
We wanted to honestly and effectively communicate transparency and trust to both established financial advisors and investors. We sent surveys to Olympian clients and had them tell us what they valued about Olympian and how the company helps them achieve their financial goals. The stories were heartfelt and all positive. We also surveyed and interviewed Olympian advisors and had them tell us first-hand what made Olympian appealing and what made it their choice of company. We personalized the site by featuring quotes directly from advisors and testimonials from Olympian’s clients.

Differentiate the brand from the herd
The financial service industry is overcrowded and saturated with private equity firms, life insurance companies, mutual fund firms, brokerages, banks etc… that all look the same and make similar promises. Most of the large financial institutions have a tightly controlled “sales force” who take a bottom-lined approach to investing and end up pushing proprietary products on their clients.

Olympian Financial is different and we wanted to highlight the company’s advantages. Two key factors made Olympian Financial different. Firstly their customized and tailored approach to building wealth and secondly their team-oriented environment from the support-staff all the way to Danny & Alex – everyone is approachable.

Proud to be sportily Canadian
An additional challenge was the name “Olympian” since it can be mistakenly associated with Greece where the economy has been teetering on the edge of collapse. We wanted to move away from these associations to reflect the company’s original vision which embodied the Olympian ideals of dedication, commitment, and striving for excellence. For that reason, we highlighted the company’s Canadian credentials with a bold maple leaf and we chose to up-play the emotions associated with winning as a team, reflecting their corporate ethos.

A clear brand focus
We positioned Olympian Financial clearly as a “Wealth Management and Investment” firm with a brand focus that accurately reflects who they are – an embodiment of teamwork and unparalleled achievement. We made strong associations with the best of tradition of team competition and the powerful emotional appeal of winning as part of a team.

The tagline: We are Olympian Financial and we Champion your future.

Distinctive new website
We launched the new website that is different from typical financial company websites that use stock photos of executives in suits and happy retirees. The website gives the Olympian team the freedom to promote themselves – by giving each advisor a page they can easily update with their credentials, education, client testimonials and social media links. Visit the new site here

The site has a fully integrated content management system so the Olympian team can keep their credentials up to date.

Olympian is an example of how Beakbane approaches marketing for companies in complex, competitive markets. We analyze the competitive situation and then develop a brand focus that honestly communicates the organization’s competitive strengths. We then use the brand focus as a foundation for innovative tactical communications.

With the photography we captured the essence of the Olympian brand focus and differentiated the site from the competitors.

We avoided using cliche images stock photos of executives in suits and happy retirees with is the norm with many financial service websites.

Olympian Financial before and after the re-launch.