Tom Beakbane
Beakbane is a Toronto branding agency. We specializing in brand strategy, communications, and graphic design in print, web, and package design.
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Content is the currency of branding

Here is a long and excellent article, titled "Content is Queen" by Ashley Heather about the evolution on websites. He states, “Years ago, it was often sufficient to build an amazing site. Word would get around. Consumers would find you. But, no longer.” He goes

Mindcamp video project: Does “creativity” drive innovation?

We have been active participants in Mindcamp for close to nine years. It is a conference that attracts all sorts of creativity specialists from around the world. Most if not all the participants are delightfully idiosyncratic. You can get a flavour of this from a

Google widgets packaged playfully

The concept is straightforward. Present a number of Google's search widgets on a single page so you can use them together by typing a search term in a single field. One could call it something like, "Google OneSearch." Most technology companies would be proud to

Portfolio Night: Business needs are changing faster than the schools

Five years ago, when I first volunteered to help review the portfolios of students who were aspiring to break into the advertising business there were some clear deficiencies. The advertisements that the students presented were either well-written OR well-designed, but rarely both. Those who were aspiring

Advice for students about careers

Here is heartfelt advice from Bob Mackalski, a professor of business at McGill, for students looking to embark on their careers. He makes four points that are supported by fascinating personal anecdotes. Bob has to be one of the best marketing profs anywhere. I had

Innovation: Ask questions you do not know how to answer

Here is Tim Hurson, our very own from Toronto, addressing the challenge of innovation at TEDxMaastricht. Everyone talks about the need for innovation but its practice is hard because you have to venture where it is impossible to be confident.

Campy, amusing communication that works

We have all been subjected to pre-flight safety messages hundreds of times. How many have we actively paid attention to? In my case, none. Here is Air New Zealand's campy, funny version. This is the only one I have ever paid attention to. It is hilarious

Advertising that’s good for the agency but not the brand

The high profile advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky has parted ways with Burger King after seven years. Over that period CP + B have created advertisements that have been edgy and creative including, “Whopper virgins” and “Subservient Chicken,” which was one of the first mainstream