About us - Beakbane Brand Strategies and Communications
Beakbane is a highly productive team of strategists, writers, designers programmers specializing in brand strategy and communications in print, digital, web, and packaging.
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Beakbane is a tightly knit, highly productive team connected to a network of strategists, designers, writers, programmers, and other specialists.


Tom Beakbane

Likes: Skiing up mountains, solving dark matter, making granola, quirky podcasts
Dislikes: Rom-coms, noisy restaurants, link-bait, red-eye flights

Creative Director

Dale Moser

Likes: Right-brain thinking
Dislikes: Mosquitoes, Pantone 464

Finance and Office Manager

Melody Gal

Likes: Football, half marathons, camping, musical theatre
Dislikes: Chicken wings, daylight savings, holes in socks

Account Director

Lou Arenas

Likes: Kids stick-man drawings, transformers, hummus
Dislikes: Cauliflower, cleaning the litter box, mullets

Sr. Graphic Designer

Tina Orfus

Likes: Tall men, Birkenstocks, Springsteen
Dislikes: Puzzles with pieces missing, slow elevators

Online Engagement Manager

Ivana Paulova

Likes: Playing sports, watching sports, talking about sports, cilantro
Dislikes: Parsley (can't believe it's in the same family as cilantro), long toe nails, crowds

Developing new brands, making successful brands more successful

Throughout 30 years of continuous innovation and clear thinking, we have helped generate over $5 billion in incremental margin for our clients, turned dreams into new companies, brought new brands to life, and taken existing brands to higher levels of profitability.

Beakbane and clients: A history of productive partnerships

Over the years, our business relationships have followed a pattern: a small initial project leads to another… and another… until we are the client’s key marketing supplier and trusted partner for innovative promotions, trade communications, direct marketing, packaging, and online and social media marketing.

Many of our client relationships have lasted for a decade or longer (eg. Nabisco, Duracell, Alberto-Culver, Elmer’s, Pillsbury, Cadbury Beverages, Hershey, Labatt, GE Silicones, Scotiabank, and Cyanamid/Lederle). During the times when Beakbane was their key marketing supplier, these companies were at their peak of innovation, growth and profitability.

In the 1990s we saw that the best way to achieve results was through integrated marketing. We started working with smaller companies where we could define a focus for the brand, tightly integrating all the elements of the marketing mix to make them work hand-in-glove with each other. Time after time, we achieved extraordinary ROI for our clients on their marketing investments.

We continue to work closely with many companies, advising them and working with them to maximize results from their marketing budgets. After defining the focus for a brand we use whatever communication tactics make sense. In most cases we optimize websites and online communications, with appropriate communications including social media, Facebook advertising and Google Adwords.

We started the business in order use digital technologies to make marketing budgets work harder at a time long before other agencies realized the opportunities. We continue to embrace change and love helping our clients succeed.

See examples of our work.