Canadian innovation: a crisis of confidence?

Where are Canadian information and communication technology (ICT) companies headed? The same place as Nortel, Mitel, JDS, Alias, Corel, Softimage, Platform and ATI? All these companies were at one time world leaders in their segments – and Canadian. They have […]

Proud members of York Technology Alliance

Last year we joined the York Technology Alliance. It is an active and well run organisation – thanks to the executive director, Pat Shaw and membership director, Ryan Ellis. The aspect that is most valuable to us are the peer […]

Tablets, Smartphones, Apps. Oh my!

There is no denying that mobile devices have transformed the way we get information and interact. In Canada half of all mobile users now own a smartphone. According to a study commissioned by the CWTA tablet ownership among cell phone […]


To create consumer appeal for a trade brand, we developed the “Unique to You” brand focus and retail program to differentiate Mul-T-Lock from its mass-market competitors, creating immediate momentum.

Rogers Communications

For a re-launch with shopper-friendly branding, we developed communications that sold from the shelf, simplifying the purchase of a complicated line of products.

Shopping Mole

With a new name and brand for entrepreneurial technology, we developed this easy to understand metaphor for mobile savings technology.