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Genuine caring happens all the time.

For most of Canada October is the month for breasts, and November is the month for prostates. Mul-T-Lock Canada is taking a different approach.

November is the launch of their Breast Cancer awareness campaign, and will run through select dealers until the end of the year. What’s interesting is that the passion to do good is not limited by calendars at all. It took only one week for Mul-T-Lock to achieve its internal business goals. How did that happen?Mul-T-Lock HeroREAD MORE

New media: we’re all drowning in content

My passion is flying. On weekends I get a thrill hopping into a little Cessna and wandering around the countryside at 4,000 feet. I wanted to share my passion with aspiring pilots, so in the summer I started a blog.

From working with our clients I’ve always known that it isn’t easy to create and keep up social media. I’ve now learned that it is vastly more difficult to do so recreationally. The reason isn’t a lack of content. I’m too busy–and recreation too often takes a back seat to ‘things that can’t wait’ or ‘must be done’.

This experience has taught me a valuable lesson: marketers can become like doctors who only see the illness, and overlook the person.READ MORE



Mindcamp is an annual get-together for creative professionals held just North of Toronto. This year I facilitated a collaborative workshop on creative video to encourage participants to learn how to capitalize on this rapidly advancing mode of communication. We created this short video that answers the question, What is Mindcamp?

Produced in our collaborative video workshop

Digital selection: red in bits and bytes

In its relentless march towards creating personalised search results for Internet users, Google has now released Google Instant in select countries.

Google Instant is a “search enhancement that shows results as you type.” It appears to be an advanced form of the existing search auto-complete.

To some this means the death of SEO. No longer will your site be found using carefully crafted long-tail meta-tags. Now, generic phrases and half-words should become your focus; good luck being found in this mess.

Don’t change a thing on your website

Google Instant works before a user hits search, your website’s meta-tags, content, back links and more still matter a great deal. Google still has to return results for every search. To do so, they need sensible meta-tags as well as fresh and relevant content supported by strong back links.

What has very likely changed is how people search and your website’s position on any one individual’s search.


Mobile marketing is maturing and offering real choice

According to research conducted by mytype, buyers of the Apple iPad are selfish elites and iPad critics are independent geeks. The detailed descriptions can be found here.

For some time the Apple iPhone was the only option in the mobile marketing arena. From a marketing perspective you had exactly one channel that spoke to “early adopter mobile Internet users”.

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Now users and marketers have choice in mobile systems

Very quickly Android and Blackberry caught up with Apple. Consumers developed allegiances and now the segmentation of users has become very real.


Google’s 7 strategies

Google is an unbelievably successful company because of its clean implementation of new technologies. It is also successful because it is a savvy marketer. It does not follow the traditional paths of packaged goods marketers and yet, especially for a technology company, its communications are human and focused. Ed Keller in his blog on Jack Myers reports on Google’s Seven Rules for Building Brands.

Google’s Superbowl spot – simple and human – remarkably so for a tech company

Google’s Superbowl spot of the Parisian love affair is an example of simple communications that delivers emotionally. Here is the site where they encourage their audience to create their own stories.